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Walter Langworthy 2

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Ref No:WL00002
Title:Walter Langworthy 2

WL See they think you can stop dead and you cant.

JL No.

WL If youve got... especially if it had been raining, er, a wet line.  I mean youre running metal to metal.

JL Yeah.

WL You put brakes on, youre away, theres nothing, there isnt a thing you can do about it and er... as I say like they think, oh you can stop like a car right away, you cant.  You can go for yards, you can go for fifty yards if you put a bit of, if youve got a bit of weight behind, used to, used to push you.

JL Yes.

WL Til you come on and just slide away.  Nowt I can do.

JL No.

WL No, nowt I can do.  But I think they learned in the end, not to get under or nip round or...

JL Yes.

WL Used to be best if they were, if they were going to work they would stand there all day.

JL [laughs]  Yes.

WL But if it was home time, they would hurdle tbarriers, but going in, phfff, You take your time lads you know?  Aye, alright.  Then they say Well, were late because we cant get in, past tbarrier.  Fair enough.  But you go by at quarter past for or summat like that, phffff, Hurry up!