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Walter Langworthy 1

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Ref No:WL00001
Title:Walter Langworthy 1

WL Erm, there was, as I say, there was what they called a GP loco, which was General Purpose, used to do anything at all.  They would say Weve got a train to make up, okay, cause they used to... export them, what they call export them til all the power stations round the site, er, round the country.

JL Yeah.

WL So okay.  So they would say Theres that export train to make up and they would give you the numbers of the flat rolls that had to go in that order.  Right where they at?  Er, theyve just come out of tmonitoring shed, okay.  Er, if there was five flat rolls on it, say you had flat roll one, two, three, four, five, so you had to get them in that order.

JL Um hm.

WL So right, Wheres tothers?  Down the south zone, down be the beach.  Okay, so you would get them two out, take them down, these was erm, full flasks going off site, til er, the different power stations.  So you would have to go down there, get them all ready and then is what they called pre-marshal them.  You would get them all, in fact you had to put barriers in between them then, which were old coal wagons.JL Um hm.WL So you had to have an old coal wagon first, maybe two flat rolls, two barriers, another flat roll and a brake van on the back.  And you had to get all them sorted out and then British Rail used to come in at a certain time, pick them up and away.  And they would fetch the empties back in.


Narrator:Walter Langworthy
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