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Richard Hardiman 2

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Ref No:RH00002
Title:Richard Hardiman 2

RH: and er, people were very interested, in what you could tell them about what it was like in the sixties and seventies, they can see for themselves what its like now, but they were interested in what it was like, such things as, how thick are the walls on the plant?  And, looking through the windows, they just look as if theyre mebbe about two foot thick.  When I used to say to them When my head, is coming into the inside of the cave, my feet have just disappeared from here and they couldnt imagine that those walls were, were six, six foot thick.  People even now, even though since the NDA took over, people are still asking Wheres the grey haired old buggers, that could er, can tell us what its like?  We can see for our own eyes, what er, what the plants, are doing now but erm, they were interested in what we could tell them about the site, you know the, the, the history of it, where it came from, reasons that it was there, its erm...