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Richard Hardiman 1

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Ref No:RH00001
Title:Richard Hardiman 1

RH: so I was er...  I was asked if I was interested to, to go into the Training Department erm... I took the job on because that gave me a role of, position of a foreman grade, erm, in those days and then I commenced to do the er, start the chargehand and foreman training, supervisory training, at, at Sellafield.  In those days it was carried out off site, in local, hotels, Scawfell at Seascale was, was one of them, the er, Horse and Groom at Gosforth, was another and er, in those d, you, you got a, a very good meal, involved.  They used to last for a full week, and one of the jobs, when you were organising your people who came out, because you didnt have to do a lot of, training yourself other than when it came down to the on the job training, the actual, training somebody to do, a particular job in the right order, erm, I made up a, a distributor, the old type distributor that had the points in it, and what the training job was there, was to, to train somebody on how to adjust the gap of the points on the distributor

Narrator:Richard Hardiman
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