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Peter McClean 1

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Ref No:PM00001
Title:Peter McClean 1

PM I think a lot of contractors have made a huge amount of money out of the site and a lot of themll try absolutely everything to make more money outta the site.JL Um hmm.PM Erm... nah, Ive seen, Ive seen both sides of contracting.  Contractors are only there to make money.  They come in, do the job and leave, thats it.  They have no care about the environment or the, the locals or anything else.  I seen that on the Sea Line Two job.  They came in, we sat and we said Look we cannot afford PR bad PR on this job.  Erm, and they didnt understand.  And we said Anything at all gonna cause problems? And then that pipe washed up on the beach about three month later.

JL No, I dont know about this, tell me about that.

PM Oh, well, they were removing two of the old pipes.  One was a concrete pi er a steel pipe sorry, and one was a plastic pipe.  Now a plastic pipe floats and for some reason in their... the, the way theyd been told to work the method statement, theyd to cut, cut all this pipe up, put it in this big cradle and then put it back on the seabed until they were ready to take for waste.  Well, theyd put it back on the seabed, a big storm hit the west coast and all this pipe came out the cradle and washed up all over the beach and it made the national papers and everything.  And thats when this contractor we went back to St Bees and wed a big powwow and we said We told you this would happen, and they just said We never realised this site gets w watched as it does.  And it was a bit of a shock to them.  But when they first came on, they were the experts, they knew everything, blah blah blah... but, theyre only there to do the job, make the money and clear off.


Narrator:Peter McClean
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