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Pat Kirkham prefab

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Ref No:PK00001
Title:Pat Kirkham prefab

..it wasnt long before we, we moved into a prefab in Egremont. And that was our first er, house, you know, because, and that was good because it, a lot of young couples there with children so it was, its nice, cause I was expecting Judith by then so... thats where she spent her first few years then. Yeah, yes it was great.  Erm, I mean obviously it got too small for us in the end cause by the time we left we had three children but they were, they were knocking them down then anyway.  But erm [clears throat] yeah, [coughs] very... well planned, you know?  There was loads of cupboard space, so much so that we never had any wardrobes or... we had one chest of drawers I think thats all, but there were drawers and wardrobes everywhere, every little bit of space was made use of...

Narrator:Pat Kirkham
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