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Nev Ramsden 2

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Ref No:NR00002
Title:Nev Ramsden 2

NR: So there was A, B and C blocks, that were new and they had, a little kitchen...  So they didnt have to blow the electricity to heat water, because in our blocks there was only an electric light.
CM    Ah, yeah, yeah.
NR    There was no power points.
CM    So youd to plug everything into your light.
NR    Yeah, everything, the, my radio, my er, I, I got a, erm, I, I got my parents old radio er, which they had got when they got married, so 1936, sort of ilk and my parents brought it up for me in the car and erm... so that was plugged into the light, but a lot of people had little stoves that they used to plug into the light and you could be lying in bed at night and there was two cables, a live and a neutral, ran down the centre of the room, down the middle of the, the block, okay?  And certain times it would, they would glow red...
CM    [laughing]
NR    ... a dull red colour.  Now, that of course, was only possible because certain people would take the fuses out, of the fuse box and put nails...
CM    Yeah, yeah,
NR    ... in, in place of the fuses, because the electricians used to get fed up, of coming out and replacing fuses