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Nev Ramsden 1

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Ref No:NR00001
Title:Nev Ramsden 1

NR: Oh yeah.  You know, a uranium rod! [laughing]  In the bottom drawer!  Used to use, he used to use, he used to use it as a ruler!  So, any road, that, that was my introduction er, to the, to the Boss Man, who I, I would never see again for... except for, you know, wandering about, I never talked to him again for, for many years.  So, having had the interview, I was then taken down, erm, into the laboratories, erm, because Id been upstairs, in the admin area, down into the laboratories and handed over to Olly Jones, who was the Training Officer, right?  So, more chat, and then into er... the Training Laboratory, where I was to have six weeks, basic training.  And then, it all started to come clear what had been going on.  They had not employed people of my age... it would appear until about, in fact the first of the month.  I was one of the first of these new people, er, these new young people, and part of your conditions of service, for me, er, was that I would go to College, day release, you know?  No... no arguments, that was it.  If you didnt, then you werent employed, it was mandatory.

Narrator:Nev Ramsden
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