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Maurice Steele sheep

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Ref No:MS00001
Title:Maurice Steele sheep

Erm, well, sheep and lambs are usually mothered out, what we call mothering out.  Theyre put in a field adjacent to the fell the night before, allowed to get all mothered up, and then you would let them out through the gate two at a time, each, each sheep with its er, with its own lamb.  Because theyve been in the fields for er, you know, four or five, six weeks by that time.  They are naturally fell sheep, they want to be, they want the freedom of the fell and er, they, all they want to do is in our case go back to the top of Wasdale Screes and if you just opened the gate and let the whole lot out, then a big percentage of them will go straight back to the top of Wasdale Screes before they even remember they have a lamb.

Narrator:Maurice Steele
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