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Malcolm Lightfoot

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Ref No:ML00001
Title:Malcolm Lightfoot

to er, I got the opportunity er, to go to Sellafield.  Wed heard all about it.  Erm, they had stories about them, er the buses going to Sellafield right past our, the, the road end up to the mine and everybody being asleep going down there on the bus and everybody being asleep coming back on the bus.  Er [clears throat] and there were some, things, simple things now, the stories coming out like, Do you know they provide soap down there?  You get you know, well we had to buy our own tools in the mines, there was all your clothes, even your protective clothing, well most of your protective clothing you had to buy yourself, if you had any.  Er... so you know, I had this image of being cosseted at Sellafield sort of thing, you know?  So anyhow... and of course there was er, I was gonna say there was more money, but actually when I did move, I was making less money at Sellafield than I was in the mines...

CM Oh right?

ML ... initially

Narrator:Malcolm Lightfoot
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