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Mary Kipling 2

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Ref No:MK00002
Title:Mary Kipling 2

...its always been home and its al you know, its always been somewhere I wanted to be.  And, and what you do know, is weve got one big nuclear place down the road, you know what youve got.  Erm, you can be in a city and youve got an absolute cocktail of horrible things going on, which can interact with each other, and you just tell by breathing that its not good for you.  And so long as Sellafield stays safe, youve got a wonderful environment round here.  I mean about the worst stuff that youve got pollution-wise is traffic.  Youve got a nice wind comes in off the sea and you know, you can stand outside on the, on the back door step and breathe my in-laws live down London way and if Ive been down there a few days, to come back here and just stand on the back door step and breathe, is wonderful.  So, you know, I, I accept that whats down there, is whats down there and that I, you know, I hope that people manage it, to keep it safe and I think thats er, about what it is.  And we know what it is; we know what goes on.  You know...