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Mary Kipling 1

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Ref No:MK00001
Title:Mary Kipling 1

MK    Oh yeah, because everyone used to say Im gonna Sellafield.  Who to?  That was, that was the joke and we, we were supposed to find it funny, yeah.
CM    [laughing]  First time Ive heard that one.
MK    Really?  Oh, everyone said it in those Im gonna Sellafield, Who to?  Yeah, and er... I, I, I definitely have a recollection as a kid of seeing Moor Row brighten up during the course of the fifties.  Erm, it was a bit of a drab place as I remember it, and I remember all the, all the doors suddenly got painted cause people could afford to do that kind of thing.
CM    Is this because they were working at Sellafield?
MK    Cause they got jobs at Sellafield, yeah.
CM    Higher paid that what the mines were?
MK    Umm.  Cause the mines had pretty much... run their course at that stage and so there were a lot of people very much on their uppers in those days and er, Sellafield came, people got employment there and everything brightened up.

Narrator:Mary Kipling
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