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Ken Mawson farm

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Ref No:KM00001
Title:Ken Mawson farm

And thats when our life changed. They, they came and, and took quite a portion of our land away from us.The farm, so much land was in, in the bottom and so much was out on the hills, at least, quite hilly ground, behind the farm, thats sandy, it dries out quick and they took all our best land off us... and er, Im not sure how many houses they built, I think it was about six hundred but, somewhere around that. And they just come and compulsory purchased it and, and seeing that Drigg used to be a bomb factory, and when they built Sellafield it was connected with the atom bomb that, that was the idea when they built it, so it was compulsory purchase.  And you had absolutely no appeal or nothing, they just come and took it.

Narrator:Ken Mawson
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