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Gerry Eggers 2

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Ref No:GE00002
Title:Gerry Eggers 2

yes I had this moment and it was me you know when I was in this, at the point of wanting to move departments because I was so depressed with myself because I didnt think I was doing a decent job, because right from the very go, starting at Sellafield you got the impression that everybody was putting their absolute everything into it, they were enthused by this idea of nuclear power, nobody was interested in the military side of it but the peaceful uses of, of, of nuclear power were at the forefront of their minds and they were doing their damndest to, to progress it, to make sure things were better and, and everything improved and, and you were pulled along by people like that, I mean I knew people who, who, I would cycle along the cinder track with my, my best man and then I would see him, he worked at different area to me, I would maybe see him at the tea break in the afternoon and he said oh hello, I didnt realise you were in today and that was because he was thinking, his head was absolutely full of some, some problem he was trying to sort [laughter] you know er and there were people like that, the statistician we always said he was never, he was never connected with the material world at all [laughter] you know you almost had to lead him along

CM: yea

GE: but they were so enthused by what they were doing that  you could hear, these people could talk about a boring subject and make it sound exciting and thats what I liked about it and all these different materials that we dealt with, uranium, stainless steel, magnesium, aluminium, erm zirconium, all kinds of different ways of, of, of doing, of, of using materials I, I was absolutely fascinated by it, I really was, right from the word go