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Gerry Eggers 1

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Ref No:GE00001
Title:Gerry Eggers 1

...it was quite, it was an interview like something Id never experienced before, there were, I think there were five people on the panel so that would be a secretary, somebody that represented headquarters I suspect, somebody represented the chemical services department at Windscale because this was at Windscale labs er research and development branch as it was called then and the deputy head of labs and Dr Wally Eldridge who was in, who was a senior metallurgist at the Windscale labs and the strange thing about this was that there were interruptions, constant interruptions to this interview, secretary would come in with a piece of paper, theyd say excuse me a minute Mr Eggers and theyd read it, get their heads together excuse me a moment and then two of them would go out and this went on and on, erm, and then at the end of the interview they said thank you very much but would you mind waiting, oh wait and well let you know when you can go so I sat in the waiting room and other people went in and came out and there was still this toing and froing going on, most peculiar, erm and then they called me back in and they said Im sorry but you dont qualify for this grade it was assistant experimental officer you dont qualify, your qualifications are ok but it does say you need eighteen months experience but will you accept the lower grade of assistant scientific and we are pretty certain with your qualifications and from what we can see of you that you will be promoted within eighteen months and I said yes I said well yes Im interested in that so then we went through the business of the letters and whatever but the reason for all this toing and froing was that it was the 10th October 1957CM: mmmGE: and not only they were interviewing me they were trying to put a reactor fire out from the distant, I didnt, I wasnt aware of that til quite some time afterwards.

Narrator:Gerry Eggers
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