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George Birkett kiosk 2

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Ref No:GB00004
Title:George Birkett kiosk 2

I mean the site is er... its a number of streets and a number of buildings, its a little town.  So you can, you can walk freely around most places but there are restrictions in, in areas, you cant just go in anywhere.  You, you have to get in there with a pass, which demonstrates, that pass demonstrates that youve, youve er, you are a classified worker and youve had training and that would allow you go into that particular area, erm... you have induction courses on particular buildings, so you know the er, the responses that you, youd have to perform in particular circumstances, whether its erm... a radiation alarm or its a fire alarm or whatever, erm, a number of alarms that you need to be, knowledgeable of and, and aware of how you should respond and that response would depend on the building that youre, youre gonna enter.  So that, really there, what youre trying to do, what, what is happening is that you keeping control of the radiological aspect of the thing, within the plant and not allowing anything to come outside.  I, I dont want to get too deeply into what other protective clothing you need to go into specific areas, but that, thats the general entry into the main... radiological site.