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Frank Stafford

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Ref No:FS00001
Title:Frank Stafford

I mean on operations most of the people were engineering background erm, electrical or mechanical erm, there was physicists as well but erm you know and the majority of senior managers would be graduates you know so these are all, theyre all clever guys, well educated er and if you interview anybody else from Calder they will say that Calder was a great place to work and theres no doubt about it, it was a great place to work, it was separate from Sellafield in that the river Calder flowed between the two places erm, when I first started at Calder the river didnt meander but it wasnt, didnt run a straight course er through er through the site and there was large, large gaps you know there, there was a large area between Calder and Sellafield, you felt quite remote, you felt like a site on your own at Calder erm there was green fields you know er the, the fitters and the apprentices would go play football during their lunchtime you know there was that much space around, but in the early 70s when they started to build Thorp and six sep and er FHP and all these plants needed massive amounts of ground to be built on erm they actually straightened part of the river Calder er which would probably be unheard of you know if it was to be done in the year 2010 it probably wouldnt be done, but they straightened parts of the river Calder, made extra land, er gained a little bit of land and erm the, Sellafield became ever closer then you know from being hundreds of yards away it was hundreds of feet away so you didnt feel as much a separate site but it still retained its individuality you know

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