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Francis Graham Brightman

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Ref No:FGB00001
Title:Francis Graham Brightman

FGB: I was far too junior on the day there was a formal opening of the Calder Reactor One, which was, er took place in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen... I wasnt part of that party [laughs softly] but a colleague of mine and I went up to the, what was then called the North Gate of the, Windscale Works, to give her a little wave as she went past in the nice car from Sellafield Station, so she gave us a wave back, which was nice, you see its the sort of thing you remember... if its the monarch [laughs] you dont forget.

GW: Doesnt happen very often

FGB: Thats right, well you see we were the only two there, everybody else who was anybody, was, was part of the welcome party when she got to Calder you see, the Works Managers and people from Risley and London, were all there, people like er my colleague and I, er were supposed to be getting on with our work, but we thought well if we dont go know, well not see the lady... so we went [laughs softly] and we did, and then we went back to our work.

Narrator:Francis Graham Brightman
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