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Eileen Bigrigg

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Ref No:EB00002
Title:Eileen Bigrigg

EB: one of the highlights for me junior clerk it seemed to, I suppose you got the jobs that nobody else wanted to do but I just thought they were absolutely wonderful, Thursday afternoons a car used to come to take me on out station pay out and it was a driver, peak cap, right, the lot, a policeman and an Alsatian dog and we used to go and do pay out at erm the pump house station first of all, take the pay to the men that worked there
CM:    this was, the pump house station, wheres that at? Wasdale is it?
EB:    no the pump house station was at Beckermet Road end
CM:    right
EB:    then I used to, we used to go to Greengarth, which was a hostel in those days and all the
CM:    so people got paid from the hostel, they didnt get paid at work?
EB:    no, this was the workers at the hostel
CM:    yea,
EB:    you know
CM:    oh right, yea
EB:    not the people who stayed, not the
CM:    right Im with you
EB:    people who stayed at the hostel this was the, the cook and the cleaners and that, they used to queue up and I paid them out and er after Id paid them out we used to go into the restaurant or the cafe, or whatever, cafeteria what they called it and there was coffee, coffee, tea and biscuits laid out and you got your biscuit