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Denis Wooley school

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Ref No:DW00001
Title:Denis Wooley school

Mr Walker we, I keep, you had to keep to calling him that you see?  Mr Walker, erm... he... when hed retired, we used to meet up at this friends house or, and er... he was a great character and [clears throat] he was a school master from the Keswick area and he was offered the, he was offered the post of headmaster at Seascale; he and his wife are both, er, have both died, now, so it, its erm...  But erm... he er... and they said... before...  Oh, no he, he was appointed and he decided to take the job, I think and then he came to Seascale and er... he said I was terrified.  He said There was me a lowly school school master, he said Surrounded by PhDs, all asking me questions, he said, and er, but he, hed gave, gave as good as he got I think and he was a really good headmaster and quite a few of the teachers a lot of the teachers, were actually wives of... of erm... people on the factory.

Narrator:Denis Wooley
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