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Dale McConnell 1

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Ref No:DMC00001
Title:Dale McConnell 1

DM    Erm, like I say, I started off, as, I was a Instrument Mechanic, erm, and I, I was quite happy, er, I think one of the first sort of jobs I got wasnt actually on the instruments, it was more on the camera systems that they have for surveying things that are going on in the cell, cause obviously these areas are just no-go areas whatsoever and people wont be able to step in them for God knows how many hundreds of years.  So... the cameras were, you know, deemed very important. Erm... but obviously, lot of work, it, you know, youre not talking about a camera that you carry round in your pocket, I mean this is something that looks like a torpedo, weighs about two and a half ton, and you need rigging, effort to pull it out of the cave wall, to actually get down to the camera to fix it, so...  I, I worked with erm... several Instru other Instrument Mechanics within a small team, within this shop of twenty three Instrument Mechanics. We had a Chargehand, who was erm... actually on old guy who used to work for Radio Rentals...

Narrator:Dale McConnell
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