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David Head

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Ref No:DH00001
Title:David Head

DH But, you know, I suppose the gangs were in, tengineer top engineer ed to know ivrybody.  And, but I can always remember these fellers, there was and they were all, they were all knighted these three fellers Cockcr what the hell did they call...?  Anyway, he did, he come back later on and he said Thank you for... you know, for, you know.  He says Them were three important fellers, he says They were all three Sirs.  Aye and er, and I say, they just stood about five minutes, looking around and... and that was Alan Matthews: he was a brilliant engineer him.  Site Site Engineer.  And he treat you know, we knew him, oh and... he was good.  And he treated you just ordinary.  But anyways hes dead now, so...  His daughter was a good monitor an all.  [sniffs]  Aye, so... there was characters and there was... I can remember old... there was another old, told engineer afore him, there was a, we had, there was a job and a Blackpool firm was doing it.  And they went bust, they couldnt afford to pay the tradesman the money they were demanding.  So tjob wasnt finished, and they were big diverters.  Eight, you know six and eight way diverters.  So they fetched them onto tsite like and asked and er... they put, we had to finish them.  And er, so I got moved fray me own Foreman; Id to ga on loan til another Foreman while we done, and I took me own two fitters like.  And we went doon to dee this job.  And er doing these diverters, cause... anyways they were nowt til us; they were just... we just done, they were for four inch heavy gauge welds like and they were all x-rayed.   But we just done them and anyways, this old John Ireland he was tengineer, earlier than Matthews he come round wid our, our boss and he says Well lads, Id just like to say thank you for the, for the job youve done, and old Dorwood says Dont tell them that, theyll be wanting mair money!  [laughs]  And old Ireland says Look, if I think they deserve a bit of praise, Ill tell them!  And that was when, when we done these diverters, for, to ga in, onto ttanks like.  Cause this other firm had went bust, paying people.  So, I suppose... like, the tests we had done, we could, we could weld, we could weld... owt, you know, they were di as good as owt in t owt in tcountry like.

Narrator:David Head
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