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David Banks

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Ref No:DB00002
Title:David Banks

I think its pride and you know, I, I dont like people who are pretentious and who take a pride in things to the detriment of others. Erm... but Im proud of what Ive done in the nuclear industry, safely. You know, I mean nowadays we have a culture where everything is health and safety and, you know, youve got to have masses of paperwork before you can do what is a fairly normal job in the nuclear industry. And in the past when I went through it all, we had nothing. You were taught, erm... you went out on the job with somebody who knew the job and once youd learnt it, it was your job. And you took a pride in it and you did your job properly. Nowadays youre not allowed to do that without masses of paperwork and I, I am a dinosaur in that, in that I say Well [clears throat] to the Americans particularly, cause they want us to go back to that, they just want to be able to give you a job and say Dave, can you do this job for me? and Ill say Aye, nay problem and go and do it, safely. I dont need war and peace written to tell me how to do it safely; I already know that. It, it adds nothing to the job, but... legislation says weve gotta do it now. And you know, that to, that to me is what I have got most from the nuclear industry is pride in my skill.