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Christine Brown

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Ref No:CB00001
Title:Christine Brown

CB: erm its always, its very, very difficult erm and Im always very cautious about what I say about women in science and whether people are deterred and whether its more difficult whether it is made more difficult or not, personally, erm, I havent noticed in my career all that er, you know, great number of difficulties presented to me, maybe I just have missed them I havent noticed them but the one thing that I know that made a huge difference to me is that you have to have erm, a woman will get on a lot better if she has a sponsor, I had a sponsor, I had someone who believed in me who thought that I could do as good a job as the others and who pushed for me on my behalf, erm, I think any other woman that Ive spoken to about this agrees with me, that if you, you usually can identify that there was one person there who really did believe in you and would help move that along a bit, erm it is very difficult for women to combine a career in science and technology and engineering and bringing up a family, and thats where I think many women find the difficulty and they have to make, they end up making a choice, erm or many of them make a choice or the choice is made for them so to speak, erm but that is a difficult thing how the demands of an engineering career of a technical career and so on are quite difficult to overcome when youre trying to look after children as well, its, I would say its easier in profession like being a doctor or an accountant, a lawyer and so on of combining looking after children and, and following your career path, in science and technology, in science, research science especially if you, if youre out for you know a number of months or years you often lose the momentum of what youve been doing, so it is a bit more difficult I think, erm
GW: so do you have any
CB: but I dont know
GW: any family Christine
CB: no, Ive no children and I certainly wouldnt be sitting here talking to you today if I had because I wouldnt have been able to do all the things erm that I did, cos I mean when I was working, it was 120% it wasnt a 100% and I worked many more hours than I should have, I was wrong, I think I was wrong, I dont think that was the right way to do but er in, certainly when I was working at Dounreay and the exciting research bit I did it because I loved it you know I didnt, it wasnt a penance in any way

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