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Barry Snelson 2

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Ref No:BS00002
Title:Barry Snelson 2

The way the, the management talked about the unions and the workforce and the way the workforce talked about the u, the management was a huge gulf between the two.  Astonished me that, that, that they could talk about each other in such disparaging terms.  And it, it wasnt, it wasnt, both sides were to blame, to my view.  I remember I got, when I got to Magnox, I got meself, some Powerpoint slides and I went round the plants talking to the boys like you do [sound of loud rattling noise in background] you know what I mean?  A few Powerpoints, Im the new boss of the Magnox, heres what I think we need to do, heres the figures from last year, lets have a go at safety, this sort of stuff.  And we had a question and answer session.  I got feedback later on, that some of the managers were appalled and one of the ques, one of the things they said was Hes been listening to them.  And those were the exact words Hes been listening to them.  Them?  What dyou mean them?  You mean the rest of them?  Were all the team arent we?  How can there be a them?  And that was just, that struck me cause Id never heard that at Springfields or at Capenhurst where there was, well there was usually some union tiff, but there wasnt that... I dont know... void, gap between the two.  So I spent a lot of my life at Sellafield trying to close those gaps together.