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Barry Snelson 1

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Ref No:BS00001
Title:Barry Snelson 1

Erm, again this is interesting turf were on here, the unions at Sellafield.  The unions at Sellafield have a long history and a noble history I have to say, a very creditable history of lobbying er... nationally and internationally for Sellafield to prosper, so they lobbied very hard for Thorp, they lobbied very hard for Mox, they defend Sellafield in any forum certainly.  There was a great anti-nuclear f, feeling in the trade union movement and what you might call all of the left Ive been treading on careful ground when you look at the eighties and nineties, there was a very much an anti-nuclear sense amongst what you might call the erm... a large part of, of the, of the what you, the thinking population, or the left wing of the country that, and, and they struggled against that I have to say.  And they, they put many, many hours in supporting Sellafield and its er... erm, and its activities in, to all their contacts and er, whatever they could, unions, politicians, the media.  Yeah, thats part of it.

JL That is a, a pretty unusual erm, in, in, for an industry.  You know, where, where youve got both sides actually okay there would have been er...

BS Well I think its an unusual site in that it has such an awful lot of enemies.

JL Yes.

BS Er, you wouldnt find that, the things weve just described in a car factory, cause generally speaking car factories dont have an enemy for every letter of the alphabet and for several letters hundreds.  Erm, that Sellafields got.  I mean the number of critics for Sellafield is theres any number of groups shut down Sellafield and they come from countries all around the Irish Sea, the North Sea, you name them, internationally theres groups... wanting Sellafield to be stopped and shut never mind the UK.  So I think there is that, there was a great threat to Sellafield, to which I think that was a very legitimate and, and as I said creditable union response that might not read across into other, in other industries where... nobody, nobodys been, theres no shut down the Mini Works at Cowley, for as, as far as I know...

JL [laughing]

BS ... campaign.

JL No.

BS So, so I think thats, that might be a slight, and it, it is,it is a, A the industry, but B the special, the special nature that Sellafield has.


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