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Bob Anderson 2

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Ref No:BA00003
Title:Bob Anderson 2

BA    Erm, all I would say is, is... how the area has improved over the years, I think, I think... when we came here in the seventies, you touched on it earlier, that er, when we came here in the seventies the, the area was... was run down, it had been allowed to, to, economically... erm... it had, it had fallen behind quite significantly.  And whilst its still, you would still regard it as a bit of a depressed area... erm... in terms of amenities, in terms of er... you know, the, the features that you have in Whitehaven etcetera, the housing etcetera, has, has come an awful long way.
CM    Umm.
BA    I mean, it, it could have been allowed to... I think, I think we were lucky in that it was caught... it was caught almost... on the brink.
CM    Yeah.  How do you think it would have fared if we didnt have major investors like Sellafield?
BA    [clears throat]  I think if, I, I think if it didnt have erm... had it not had BNFL, and I mean yes, you had Marchon and you had Distington Engineering, but I think with only Marchon it wouldnt have fared well, I think BNFL... I th, I believe put an awful lot of money into the, into the er, the community.  I mean both, in terms of... of, of the salaries and the wages that people were being paid.
CM    Umm.
BA    Erm... but also into the infrastructure... erm... and its, it, it has helped a great, it has helped a great deal and part of the, when, when the er, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority came along and said Right we want people to, to take over the Sellafield, the running of Sellafield, one of the key features there in, in the erm... er, the bids... [tuts] were erm, not just Can you run Sellafield? but you know, What, what er, track record do you have in terms of, of taking on the communities?