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Bob Anderson 1

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Ref No:BA00002
Title:Bob Anderson 1

BA    The new fuel handling plant then.  So that was what?  Eighty six?  No, what, what year was it?   Was it eighty eight?  Eighty six?  Anyway the plant had just started.  So I went into work thinking well, Chernobyl, theres obviously been a, theres gonna be, there, there could be radioactivity, we knew that the, the plume had blown across, across this way.  What, what should I do?  I thought well what, what... So I, I asked some monitors to go up on the roof and monitor... the roof, to see if there was anything, anything had deposited on the roof and of course it had rained, er, and they found nothing on the roof, but they did find some activity in the er, the drains.
CM    Umm.
BA    As, we were also responsible for sending a lot of the big, the big flasks, fifty ton flasks off site, erm, and we had to put those to be monitored before they could be sent off site, so I said well Something could have been on them, lets monitor them again, well monitor them again... and they were contaminated and they were all contaminated with, with er, Chernobyls stuff.  But really and, and wed had a situation where, our alarms had gone off in the building... erm... and so the question was well what had, why had the alarms gone off?  And the reason was that we were pulling the air in and then putting it, pushing it out [laughs].
CM    Yeah.
BA    And so it was actually the, the activity was, actually coming into the building and going out and our alarms were so sensitive, that they were detecting it on the way out

Narrator:Bob Anderson
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