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Bayard Arriss

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Ref No:BA00001
Title:Bayard Arriss

JL Did you ever think about the, the, the implications of... was it sort of, all new and exciting or was it... erm...?
BA Well it was to start with, yeah. It was an unusual hazard, I mean Id, only ever met uranium... at Lockheed, as an external indicator as they call it. When you were testing for something else, it would change colour, but er, to see it in m, massive form, was different. I mean at Springfields, we handled the metal in the form of little drillings, turnings, er, I analysed everything... not all at once, to see where the uranium was throughout the plant, and when we went home, there was a man employed to check our turn ups on our trousers, cause we wore trousers with turn ups in those days, erm, to make sure we werent taking any uranium home with us unwittingly, in our turn ups...
JL Gosh, yes,
BA But we only wore lab coats, normally, rather than boiler suits, in my job, the Process Workers wore a boiler suit. When working at Sellafield in, in building 229, we all did a, complete change of clothing when we got there, wearing their underwear and a, a one piece overall with short sleeves. The industrials, the... as they were called, we were non-industrial, they were industrial, had long sleeves [laughing] big difference! Yeah.

Narrator:Bayard Arriss
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