Sellafield Stories.

Sellafield Stories was the result of the successful bid for British Nuclear Fuels Limited legacy funding by Cumbria Archive Service, part of Cumbria County Council. The object of the project was to create an independent and representative oral history of the story and impact of the nuclear in West Cumbria.

Project staff interviewed one hundred people, all of whom talk about the part that Sellafield has played in their lives telling Sellafield’s history through their own stories. Contributors include current and retired employees, local residents, and opponents who tell us fascinating details of life and change in West Cumbria during the second half of the twentieth century.

The interviews vary in length – a few as short as half an hour, others are much longer - and encompass a range of opinions and ideas as people describe their personal experience of Sellafield.

All the recordings are freely available to listen to at Cumbria Archive and Local Studies Centre in Whitehaven.

Some of the audio material and full transcripts of all of the interviews is available on this site. The sound files contain short clips from the full interviews and can be accessed via the Search or the Contributors’ pages.

Terms of use

Cumbria Archive Service makes no charge for public access to the Sellafield Stories archive. However, there are some restrictions on copying text and use of the material, as follows:

  1. Copyright: The copyright of all interviews, sound and transcription, is owned by Cumbria County Council on behalf of the Sellafield Stories Oral History Project.
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